About PRI

About Pavement Restorations Inc.

Pavement Restorations, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Jon and Kim Hargett. After eleven years of managing a division of a large asphalt construction company, Jon saw the need for a high-quality asphalt repair contractor.

Using infrared heat technology will allow you to repair your potholes, utility cuts, rough surfaces, alligator cracks, and bird baths at an affordable cost by recycling the existing asphalt. Rejuvenators are applied to old asphalt to introduce new oils to the process providing a long-lasting repair. Finally, new asphalt is added as needed to complete the repair.

Our services have grown to include chip seals, scrub seals, fog seal road treatments, full-depth trench repair, sweeping services, and specialized site work services.

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  • Commercial
  • Municipal