Infrared Repair

Infrared Asphalt Restoration

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Using the latest repair technology to get the best and most efficient repair for your money

Infrared repair – repairs potholes, utility cuts, alligator cracking, high spots, rough surfaces

Faster – You can make a repair in as little as 30 minutes

No cold joints – prevents the intrusions of water, thus preventing future failures

More Efficient – Less manpower and less equipment

Renews Asphalt – with the application of asphalt rejuvenators we bring new life to old asphalt return of flexibility and adhesion

Environmentally Friendly – with this process, we recycle existing asphalt minimizing waste

Infrared Process Step by Step

  • Clean & mark out repair
  • Light the infrared heater
  • Lower heater over repair
  • Apply rejuvenation
  • Add virgin asphalt
  • Lute the asphalt smooth
  • Patch is ready to roll
  • The edges are rolled first
  • Compaction is completed
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